Gender, Reproductive Health, GBV, AFRICA:
How African men are changing their traditional beliefs

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KAMPALA - Ugandan father of two girls, Charles Kayongo is among a growing number of young men who are breaking the mould of tradition by making a preference for a smaller family that allows for an affordable and modern lifestyle.
Lynda Birungi, from the national family planning group Reproductive Health Uganda, says more young fathers are becoming involved in family planning than before largely because of financial reasons.

Meanwhile, the Menís Traveling Conference will soon board their buses to travel to Malawi to mark the November 25th to 10th December 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence.

Along the way they will stop at each community and leave behind the message that violence against women is destructive and men hold the power and responsibility to stop such violence.

Started as a travelling theatre of only 10 police officers in Malawi 11 years ago, the group has grown to a movement of over one thousand activists, mostly men, from around Africa. /IPS (END//2012)

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