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Municipality turns waste management into sport

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WARANGAL, India - Municipal officials in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh have come up with the idea of making household waste management a competitive sport to encourage the entire nation to clean up.
The historic city of Warangal recently hosted 386 teams from 57 municipalities across the northern half of Andhra in a game where there are no losers.

The teams competed for the ‘best performance’ trophy in collection, segregation and disposal of household wastes. Plastics go for recycling, wet wastes to a dumpsite and scraps from the city’s two main markets are composted.

The idea for the sport came to environmental activist Uday Singh after watching an Indian Premier League cricket game and was pushed in the form of the ‘Clean Cities Championships’ by Andhra Pradesh Joint Director of Municipal Administration, Khadar Saheb.

The Energy and Resources Institute in New Delhi estimates that by 2047, waste generation across India’s cities will reach 260 million tonnes per year. /IPS (END//2012)

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