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Political satirist exposes graft and corruption

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NAIROBI - Kenyan activist and artist, Boniface Mwangi, is provoking Kenyans to think carefully about who they vote for in the March 2013 presidential elections.
Known for his political graffiti murals and his photographic exhibitions documenting the post 2007 elections violence, the CNN Mohamed Amin Photographic Award winner has set out to expose corruption amongst politicians through a website.

Called, the website has become one of the most visited in the country, with money laundering, land grabbing, drug trafficking and murder among the accusation it pins on it targets.

In June, Mwangi led a rally that carried 49 black coffins to parliament while in session. Each coffin represented every year the politicians enjoyed impunity since independence in 1963.

Mwangi believes fear of the consequences of speaking out is one of the main reasons why Kenyans remain silent, so he is thinking of planning a protest where everyone will wear masks. /IPS (END//2012)

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