Agriculture, Food Security, AFRICA:
AU seeks to make food security a reality for Africa

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JOHANNESBURG - Food security in Africa could soon become a reality through the African Unionís Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme.
Dr. Abebe Haile Gabriele, Director of the AUís Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture, which is spearheading the programme, says regional cooperation is key to reducing Africaís dependence on food aid and imports.

The programmeís focus areas are sustainable land and water management; improved market access and integration; increased food supplies and reduced hunger; and research, technology generation and dissemination.

Thirty countries have signed onto the programme since its launch in Maputo, Mozambique in 2003 and are expected to come up with comprehensive investment plans.

So far, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Mozambique have been heralded for the advances they have made to alleviate hunger and food insecurity. /IPS (END//2012)

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