Food, Agriculture, Biotechnology, FAO, HarvestPlus, AFRICA:
Biofortification May Hold Key to Hidden Hunger

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Rome - The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) expressed its support for biofortification, a process whereby the micro nutrient content of plants is enhanced through agronomic practices and plant breeding.
The breeding of these crops is taking place at national agricultural research centres and at International programmes like HarvestPlus.

According to Dr Erick Boy, head of nutrition at HarvestPlus, hidden hunger, which is caused by not getting enough vitamins is a major problem in developing countries.

Scientists have released the first nutritious crop, the orange sweet potato, which has 100 per cent of daily vitamin A needs for young children. Six additional crops are currently being developed.

Boy said these crops will be distributed to more than three million farming households in seven countries in Africa and Asia by 2015. (END//2013)

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