Swazi Chiefs Shut Women Out of Parliament

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MBABANE - Political analyst, Dr. Sikelela Dlamini, says chauvinistic practices are being used to prevent Swazi women from taking part in the upcoming primary elections, despite the country having a constitution that guarantees their rights.
He was reacting to a recent warning issued by the chief of Ludzibini, Prince Magudvulela, who told his subjects not to vote for women in mourning during the country’s Aug. 24 primary election.

Magudvulela was referring to former member of parliament and a contender for the Timphisini constituency, Jennifer Du Pont, who lost her husband, Bheki Shiba, in May.

There have been other instances of exclusion, such as Mana Mavimbela, who was disqualified from her electoral nomination for wearing pants.

The discrimination against women by preventing them from participating in politics is a consequence of deeply rooted notions of male dominance and the subordination of women, Dlamini told IPS (END//2013)

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